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Hallowed Be Thy Name! A series of Christian meditations on Love and Praise Please join me in praise and thanksgiving to our heavenly Father. I am neither a professional minister nor biblical scholar. I am a simple believer who woke up one day and realized something staggering. There I was, in the my sixtieth year […]

Purpose 2.0

This blog is a repository for my thoughts, ideas, stories and good lines. These are recorded as a memory aid and a source of writing material. I will put stuff down pretty raw, not caring about grammar or style too much. My goal is to capture ideas when I first get them. They can be […]

This is a great video: A letter to a teacher, written by Abraham Lincoln.

Technology is like a fountain

It has no existence in a static form. That is, technology could never be just a reservoir. It needs to continually flow, receiving a continually refreshing supply of new ideas. If you were to try to stop and say, ‘Let’s just stay right here.” It could never work. There would be no new kids coming […]

Optimism vs. Delusion

There is a big difference between general optimism and delusion. General optimism is an outlook that looks for things to improve. It is an expectation and a hope that things, with effort and work can improve. The delusion is having the idea that things are good when they’re really are not. That’s not optimistic. That’s […]