Purpose 2.0

This blog is a repository for my thoughts, ideas, stories and good lines. These are recorded as a memory aid and a source of writing material. I will put stuff down pretty raw, not caring about grammar or style too much. My goal is to capture ideas when I first get them. They can be sorted out and refined later. As such I may repeat or contradict myself from one entry to the next.

This blog will reflect the man who writes it and will thus have several major thrusts. It will be a mixture of all the topics in which I am concerned. I will try not to get too cute with titles, so that each title will give you a warning of its contents.

Jesus Christ and the Christian’s life
Practical science
Electronics and embedded software
History: Ancient and USA
Practical economy & small business

God bless the USA.

Jesus is my lord. As a servant, I do not get to decide what it is that should be done. I will wait upon his pleasure and serve him as he directs. My new plan is to have no plan. I will not try to do things to serve the Lord, rather, I will listen and obey. When I do not have any direction, I will continue what I am doing until I get direction from my lord.

I am a practical man. So, I do not spend too much time on theory, but it does come up. No doubt, my thought will show through so you might as well know right now where I stand on a few issues.

Politically I am for the two-party system. I have had too many disappointments to believe that government is always the answer, however we certainly need good government. I believe that it is possible for government to help, even though it often does not. I like to echo Thomas Jefferson (a founder of the Democratic party) who said, “That governs best which governs least.” I believe that his party should get back to becoming more effective by focusing on the few truly needy rather than freebies for everybody. Also, I believe that the Republican party can stop paying lip service and support free enterprise for a change.

That is the extent of my politics, except for one more idea: Support the Constitution’s Tenth Amendment: do things at as local a level as possible. More power needs to be taken back by the states and then on to the local levels and on to the people. Counties and cities are closer to the people and can allow for regional differences much better than the one-size-fits-all approach when the Feds do everything. There are appropriate roles for the national government, but if more things were done by the states, we would have a much lower debt. Why this would work is left as a student exercise.

As to religion, I am a practical Christian. I do not hold to a lot of doctrinal orthodoxy, fancy theology, creeds, belief statements, or other cop-outs. The Bible is pretty simple to understand, although not easy to do. When in doubt,this is how we should act: Love God with all your heart, Love your neighbor as Christ loved you.

February 15, 2016 Blog